Interview With Mike Malaska

    Mike Malaska

    [headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Mike Malaska, 2011 PGA National Teacher of the Year[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]

    This interview has only been available to my New Rules Golf Coach Certification members, Until Now.

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    Highlights you will want to pay particular attention to:

    1. Minute 8 – Mike’s thoughts on Method Teaching
    2. Minute 10 – Shoulder and Neck Issues
    3. Minute 13:30 – Fitness almost puts Mike out of business
    4. Minute 15:30 – The Balanced Mindset toward Fitness
    5. Minute 21 – The Asian Tour Putting Story (Hilarious)
    6. Minute 25 – Putting Vision Drill
    7. Minute 31 – Business / 6 Figure Income
    8. Minute 47 – Mental Side to Playing Golf
    9. Minute 48 – Jack Nicklaus on 18 at the Masters
    10. Minute 51 – Joe Nichols Challenge

    Below are some additional links that you will find helpful:

    Seven Essential Skills Overview Video (YouTube) (video will open in a new window)

    Download my book “The New Rules of Golf Instruction” below. Links to individual videos of each of the Seven Essentials Skills can be found within the New Rules of Golf Instruction. (see page 16 of e-book)

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