Interview With TPI Co-Founder Dave Phillips

    I interview Golf Digest 50 Best Teacher and TPI Co-founder Dave Phillips. This interview took place on 12/11/2014.


    1. Dave tells me about his start in golf.
    2. He explains how he got into teaching
    3. He talks about the genesis of TPI in the 2000
    4. He gives GREAT insight into his business practices and how you can implement it into your business
    5. He talks about the PSYCHOLOGY that has made him successful

    Success leaves clues. You will want to listen to this interview with a notepad and pen and take plenty of notes.

    Thanks for taking the time Dave!

    Click on the play arrow below.



    1. December 18, 2014

      Great to hear Dave’s backstory.

      • Charlie King
        December 19, 2014


        Thanks for the comment. It was great to meet you face to face back in October.



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