12 week Home Study Class... That Creates a Waiting List of Students, Automates Your Marketing and Makes You One of the Few Teachers With the “Big 9”!

A chance phone call in 1993 to Dr. Rick Jensen changed my teaching. I wanted to improve our program at the Golf Academy of the South and knew Rick could help. I had no idea it would change how I teach golf. He told me a game-changing idea that is the key to our industry making a quantum leap forward. That's what you'll learn in the New Rules Golf Coach Home Study program.

PGA and LPGA CE Points With No Travel Costs

You will eliminate travel costs to get your education and PGA or LPGA points. Each video class on New Rules instruction and marketing for the 'non-marketer' is delivered as if you came to the seminar. You can ask questions in the Comments section of the Members area or on the Live Q and A we have on Tuesday nights.

Password Protected NRGC Member Website

Access the NRGC Training from any device and get to your training INSTANTLY! The easy to navigate member website is organized by tabs and the information is a snap to find.

Marketing for the 'Non-Marketer'

We didn't get into to teaching to market. We got into teaching golf to TEACH! Let me show you the principles that I have weeded out through years of study and loads of money to give you the summary. I did the research, you get to use Step-by-Step Templates for using it to put more money in the bank!

This is What Domination Feels Like

Dominate your market like Lebron dominated McLemore. This training gives you a HUGE advantage with the 'Big 9' and the the Step-by-Step marketing templates. It's time for you to Dominate! (I love this picture and I also wanted to see if you were paying attention as you read the page)

Get a Head Start with our Teacher's Tool Kit

You don't need to create a skills test scoresheet or the Student information sheet or the Evaluation Chart. We've saved you hours (and hours) of time and headaches by giving you the documents in a form that allows you to insert your own logo and you will be able to use these immediately!

Hours of Training Videos for Full Swing, Short Game, Mental Toughness, Practice, Fitness, etc.

Charlie King has created a library of Training videos that gives you 26 years of research and teaching and he's boiled it down into the Greatest Hits Album! You will save years by avoiding the mistakes that Charlie had to make in changing the paradigm of golf instruction. New Rules is the new paradigm for teaching and this will make you one of the elite teachers in golf.

You Will be a getting 2 Classes a Week for 12 Weeks - One on Instruction and One on Marketing/Teaching Business

You will get 12 weeks of video classes with Charlie in the comfort of your own home. Each class is packed with insider information and shortcuts to your teaching success. You will learn:

  1. To be a 'Skills-Based' Golf Instructor.
  2. To be more legitimate by moving your players to more short game instruction.
  3. To be a Practical Sports Psychologist
  4. To show your students how to do 'Deep' practice
  5. And Much More

Charlie has focused on this area as much as teaching. He believes that for us to succeed in the teaching side of what we do, we must be financially successful or else we do career changes. The last thing golf needs is for talented people to leave golf for other professions for financial reasons. This isn't always the most fun thing for us. Charlie and his team have created step-by-step templates that allow you to do great marketing while being a 'non-marketer'. He knows what you are going through because he has lived it. He started from scratch in 2000 with no salary and no benefits. The lessons he has learned he will pass on to you.

Bonus Bonanza

Charlie wanted to make this a no brainer for you. He added bonuses that individually are worth as much as the price of the program.

  1. Top 100 Teacher Interviews - Success leaves clues. Find out the back story of how these teachers became recognized. Charlie asks questions relating to teaching, business/marketing and success/mindset.
  2. Teacher Toolkit - Forms, charts and best practices that you will use daily in your business. It took hours and hours to create them. All you have to do is download them, add your logo and they are all yours.
  3. Weekly Q and A's - recorded from previous classes, Charlie answers all questions and gives further insight into each topic.

Plus much more...

The Topics Covered in the NRGC 12 Week Home Study Course

12 Week Home Study Program Topics Covered:

- The Full-swing Essentials & How to Teach Them
- Business Psychology - It All Starts With a VISION

- Goal Setting Strategy & Implementation

- Understanding Value Creation

- Productivity & Time Management

- Essential Marketing Principles - How to Market Even if You are a "Non-Marketer"

- The Red Zone Short-Game - How to Inspire Your Students to Work on Their Short Game

- Effective Video Analysis

- Fitness

- Effective Communication

- New Rules Mental Toughness - You Will Learn to be a Practical Sports Psychologist

- Practice

- Program Development & Implementation

- Teaching a Tour Player

- Writing & Publishing - The Steps to Writing Your First Book (MADE EASY)

- Internet Marketing - You Will Learn How to be a Media Mogul (at a low price)

- Customer Intelligence

- 4’ps of an Expert

“I got my 20x my money back in just over four months.  I went from teaching very few students here and there to having over 45 students in four short months.  What a success story!” 

Matt Clinger, PGA
Now only $347! (For 3 Years Sold at $997)

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