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    PGA Approved Education Provider

    [two_columns_1]We are pleased to announce that The PGA of America has designated New Rules Golf Coach Certification Program as a Pre-Approved Educational Provider for PGA Member Continuing Education.

    As part of The PGA’s continuing effort to provide world-class education and training for PGA Professionals, PGA of America is expanding the reach of collaboration with allied associates and industry leaders such as New Rules Golf Coach for both instructor-led and distance learning formats.
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    Below is a copy of the PGA Member Service Requirement Policy (goes into effect June 16, 2012) and an outline if MSR Points your earn through your involvement in New Rules Golf Coach.

    Credit requirements will consist of two categories: (a) 54 Total Credits, (b) 36 of which must be from PGA Meeting/PGA Education and/or Golf 2.0/Player Development.

    (a) Total Credits (54): A total of 54 credits must be earned, with at least 36 credits earned from the required category (PGA Meeting/PGA Education/Golf 2.0/Player Development), while the other means of obtaining credits toward the total requirement remain per the prior program. All credits for any category must be earned via activities that allow for automated crediting through PGA systems to streamline the administration of the Professional Development Program.

    (b) PGA Meeting/PGA Education: The credit category for Meetings and PGA-delivered education (Chapter, Section, National) are now combined and all will be awarded one (1) credit per hour of participation. Other education provided by sources outside of The PGA will apply to the Total. This means that any gathering of members organized by a Section/Chapter or National, whether for governance, education, or both will be treated the same way. Therefore, a Section meeting that had three hours of business meeting and two hours of education that would have been credited six Meeting credits and two Education credits in the previous cycle will now be worth 5 PGA Meeting/PGA Education credits in the current proposal.

    (b) Golf 2.0/Player Development: The credits for Golf 2.0/Player Development will be earned via the reporting of actual creation, activation and engagement of golfers into programming that supports Golf 2.0 initiatives and/or education and training on the strategic plan, its initiatives, and related program administration. Thus both green grass and non-green grass or executive level PGA members can meet the requirement by becoming knowledgeable about Golf 2.0, its strategic initiatives, and its programs.

    New Rules Golf Coach Certification Falls Under The Following Activity Designation:
    #8: Other non-PGA Education – applies to the TOTAL CATEGORY
    Attending non-PGA conducted Education or Seminars, completing online education not offered by the National, Section or Chapter.
    Example – College course, CPR, non-PGA conducted Education.

    Students enrolled in New Rules Golf Coach Certification will earn 8 MSR Points from the Online Portion of the program and 10 MSR Points from the Live Checkpoint for a total of 18 MSR Points. Completing the New Rules Golf Coach Certification program can take care of all your required “18 Other MSR Points”.